Innovation in Mining

The economic and environmental sustainability of copper and molybdenum markets is vital for the development of Chile. In this area Duam S.A. has focused on supporting its clients in the development of R+D+I projects with a main objective of finding new uses for copper and molybdenum. Currently Duam S.A. is expanding its activity to mining production chains, applying the team’s experience and working as a facilitator for project development.

Innovation in Marketing

Duam S.A. was born within the technology based business incubation program, Access Nova Incubation, from the Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the Universidad de Chile. In this context, the core business was initially in the scope of Information Technology and Communications, evolving from the development of software for the management of mining assets to the support of its clients regarding project development aimed at introducing new technologies to the market.

Innovation in Energy

Global economic growth, particularly in Chile, presents challenges of being environmentally friendly and sustainable over time. In this area Duam S.A. began its work in 2004 on issues of Energy Efficiency and in 2005 on issues of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy and Climate Change, developing diverse projects with innovation as a common denominator. Since 2008, Duam S.A. has participated in the drafting committee of ISO 50001 “Energy Management Systems.”

Innovation in Engineering

The execution of services offered by Duam S.A. revealed the need to meet specific client requirements in the field of “engineering and design,” resulting in the creation of this area in 2009. This team’s experience includes extensive work with three-dimensional parametric modeling and computer simulation of structures and mechanisms, structural analysis, product development and industrial property.