Duam S.A. Innovación al Sur del Mundo is a company that was created in 2001 with the intention to develop management software for active miners. The foundation of Duam S.A. took place within a technology based business incubation program, Access Nova Incubation, from the Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the Universidad de Chile.

Within the initial stages of development, the selection of a name was one of the most significant milestones, requiring a search for one that represented the identity and the vision of the founding team. That is how duam--also dwam--, of Mapuche origen, that according to various sources signifies intention, desire, want and will, was found. From that moment on, the meaning of duam has represented the intention of being a humane and professional team daily, a desire to move forward, the want to support the economic, social and technological development of Chile and the world, as well as the will to persevere in this path.

In 2005 the company went through a restructuring from which the following areas were created:  “Sustainable Energy” and “Development of Copper and Molybdenum Markets,” while maintaining the original area of “Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Since 2005, Duam S.A. has been characterized for being a company in constant development and search of new opportunities, which have been materialized in the development of more than 20 projects with important clients and alliances. 

During 2009, the transversal area of “Engineering and Design” was created in response to the heightened need for the development of projects principally related to the productive processes of miners and new uses of copper.